There is a running joke in my household that next year will be the “easy” year as there always seems to be so many things happening in our lives. Well, 8 days into January, I don’t think 2023 will be the easy or quiet year. Moving into our new house at the end of February, work is extremely busy with burgeoning projects in Europe and South America, all on top of few very busy contracts here in Canada. In my “spare” time, I have taken on the role of Chair for the ASIS Crisis Management & Business Continuity Community Steering Committee. I am blessed to have a wonderful cadre of industry professionals to support the Steering Committee and it’s initiatives such as an exciting schedule of educational content for 2023.

I recently had the honour of supporting ASIS’ Security Magazine by:

1) participating in an interview with Claire Meyer about testing your crisis preparedness plan. My Steering Committee colleague Ernest del Buono and I had a wonderful time discussing this topic with Claire Meyer.

2) recording a podcast about crisis management exercises with Brendan Howard.

I hope you enjoy the content as much as I did during the creation.

Be safe!

/rob currie


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