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Governance & Policy Support

For a crisis management plan to properly function, it must be governed by a clear set of policies and procedures. Without clearly defined and documented policies and procedures, a plan cannot exist, let alone be executed. Keeping consistent with our “bespoke approach,” we collaborate with our clients to understand their corporate structure, organisational objectives as well as operational and procedural gaps.

Our experts work with the client to develop new policies and operating procedures or in instances where they already exist, review and revise.

Policies and operating
procedures can include but
are not limited to:

Solid governance and policy are not only the foundation for a properly functioning crisis management program, but it can also reap immediate financial benefits. Organisations seeking to purchase insurance coverage for crises and natural disasters, may enjoy lower premiums with a comprehensive and well governed crisis management program.

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Program Consulting

Our program consulting is scalable to meet the needs of organisations of all sizes and complexities. Our “bespoke approach” allows us to assist organisations in developing, assessing, or enhancing their crisis management programs depending on where they reside on the crisis management maturity lifecycle. We are firm believers that crisis management is not a “one size fits all” endeavor.

No two organisations are alike, hence the requirement to collaborate with our clients to understand their industry’s risks, corporate structure, and operational objectives.

These reviews may include an assessment of:

The goal always remains the same: to develop the client’s ability to prepare and execute with an industry leading response.

We also provide a variety of options for “game day” support that includes live access to our network of crisis management experts.

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Training & Exercising

Why do emergency first responders and the military spend so much time on training?

Their roles are inherently driven by crisis with little or no notice. Organisations expecting top level “game day” performance from their crisis management teams (CMT) must focus on 3 distinct educational areas:

We possess industry leading tools which address these three educational pillars of crisis management preparedness, including a collection of increasingly complex thematic scenarios. Scenarios are tailored for industry and/or client context, to ensure a realistic and impactful training experience.

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