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You’ve worked hard for your success. Don’t be caught off guard when life throws you a curveball. Indestructible organisations regard crisis as a question of when – not if. The world may be unpredictable, but you can control how you prepare and respond. You need an internationally recognised expert in crisis management to secure your future.

Time and resources are precious. Having a clear strategy and being prepared is an investment you can’t afford to miss. In a competitive world, gain the edge by thinking one step ahead. 

Your organisation needs leaders that are ready to adapt, respond, and take charge when the moment calls for it. We have the tools and experience to help prepare them. Your organisation’s agility and strength are our priorities. Crisis management has a ripple effect, creating a stronger foundation both in and out of crisis mode.

Acting today means securing tomorrow. 

Acting today means gaining the competitive edge.

Acting today means continuing to do what you do best.

Your security, our purpose

You may be wondering why we would choose to operate in crisis mode for over 75 years?

Watching you successfully prepare and respond, is what drives us. 

Your continued growth and success don’t have to depend on chance. Crisis management is best applied proactively. Getting ahead means saving resources in the long run and getting a competitive edge you can’t afford to lose.  Our internationally recognized experience means that we have developed proven strategies that can ensure indestructible organisations. That means you can keep doing what you do best. Forward thinking organisations act today to secure tomorrow. You need to know you’re putting your security in the right hands. Our purpose is your security.

Our Values

We serve you best by being rooted in our values.

Our values are founded in our commitment to four Guiding Principles that shape our strategic approach to serving you to the best of our abilities.

You’ve heard the saying “honesty is the best policy”. In our business, we believe honesty is the only policy worth having.

Trust is essential, you want to know the person who packs your parachute has steady hands

We show up when you need us the most. We keep our word because our business is based on integrity.

We take care to make decisions that benefit your future. Your continued success is our priority. 

Our Promise

Proven strategies

Values and guiding principles

75+ years of expertise

Honest risk assessment

Our clients: indestructible organisations

From Fortune 500 companies, technology start-ups, and even domestic counter-terror operations, we’ve been there to strategise, train, and strengthen. We work with organisations and people that understand the importance of resilience and reputation in a competitive and volatile climate. You focus on what you do best. We focus on ensuring you’re able to do it well into the future. 

The Trust Center

At RCAS Privacy and Discretion are integral to the services we provide and the way we run our business. We believe that the manner in which we serve our clients and the communities in which we operate is a reflection of us as people.

Find below n-depth information about security, privacy, and compliance, policies, features, and practices across our products and services.


Our Success Stories

Development of a risk register and review of the crisis management plan for one of Canada’s most prominent families.

Guided the security response for a major Canadian company during devastation of their operations in the Caribbean caused by hurricane’s Maria and Irma in 2017.

Commanded the tactical response to the terrorist attack on Parliament Hill in 2014.

Prepared and deployed to Kenya and Somalia to set conditions for success for VIP visits to these regions.

Prepared and executed the secure transportation & relocation of 100s of millions of valuable assets.

Development of a complete crisis management program and plan for a major Canadian manufacturing company.

Regularly supports crisis management training for Fortune 500 companies.

Provided expert advice in support of significant personal injury claim against a hospitality brand.

Conducted research and analysis and then created a multi-year multi-phased plan to create the corporate security department for a multi-national multi-billion dollar company in a very fluid industry. Implemented the plan and concurrently acted as Chief Security Officer.

Cut Down Version of the above: Developed Corporate Security and Crisis Operations departments for globally diversified firm.

Planning and uneventful execution of major corporate downsizing events (including complete no awareness facility closures in numerous provinces).

Founding member of COVID response committee for a major global firm.

Established Duty of Care program for business travellers at a global company.

Provided expert advice to facilitate return of business travellers during COVID.

Led Crisis Operations for travelling injured employees.

Support to merger and acquisition activities (physical, technical and personnel security).


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