Physical Security Assessment

A Physical Security Assessment is designed to identify key vulnerabilities that exist at a site that may be exploited by threat actors to cause harm or reputational damage to occupants or business owners and/or exploit assets in these areas. RCAS has significant experience conducting these assessments for both residential and commercial properties.

The assessments are structured around the following four overlapping principles

All assessments are initiated by an external threat assessment to determine the potential threat actors and their likelihood of impacting the property. A review of any local physical security policies and procedures is conducted to better appreciate the existing controls. While in situ, a peel the onion approach is leveraged from the surrounding neighborhood all the way to internal core assets. All observations are documented with accompanying recommendations to action. A final written report is produced for the client to crystallise the findings. 

RCAS is often engaged to conduct follow up visits to ensure action plans fully address all recommended remediations.

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