Genetec Optimisation

Genetec has an outstanding network of security consultant partners who can guide clients through capital projects from the initial planning, construction and/or retrofitting. Their certified consultant network partners can assist with equipment choices, software selection and installation.

Consulting and Mentoring

In most cases, our value proposition is focused on existing Genetec clients. Once a system has been commissioned, we are able to work with customers to develop bespoke, detailed procedures that guide employees with specific operational advice based on what their Genetec platform is signaling. These procedures are inspired by industry best practices and are designed to provide customers with appropriate and rapid responses to certain security and crisis events, lowering the impact and ultimately providing a safer environment for employees and customers.

In almost all client interactions, we are equally capable of providing customisations for their Genetec platforms that provide significant savings, improving the ROI against the original investment.

For example, many organisations struggle with a tsunami of forced door alerts which leads to costly guard deployments to verify. RCAS can fine tune the Genetec platform to leverage its full capabilities and provide the security operations center personnel with sufficient evidence to clear the alert without a guard deployment. In these instances, the ongoing savings paid for the consulting engagement within weeks of implementation!

Supporting Non-Genetec Users

RCAS can also support customers who may not be Genetec users. For instance, we see many clients struggling with digital video evidence management. It is not uncommon for us to meet a small team of security or IT operations personnel whose sole remit is to prepare removable media with selected video archives in support of internal or external investigations. Many are dubbed the “DVD team”.  This process is slow, costly and scales poorly for large, ongoing  investigations. Our extensive law enforcement experience provides us with the foundation to offer a far better option with Genetec’s Clearance solution.

One case study replaced a large global team with a handful of Clearance users to manage a global system across thousands of retail sites. This organisation can provide internal and external users with court verifiable video evidence within minutes. Clearance also maintains an extensive audit trail that further bolsters civil or criminal proceedings. It is worth noting Clearance can also be leveraged by the public sector to collect video evidence from external sources.

Imagine the traditional manpower effort required by a police department to gather video from the public after a major criminal event such as the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013. Using Clearance, a police agency could request submissions from the public and receive same via the Internet within minutes.

In summary, RCAS can best be described as a “security performance consultancy” that supports Genetec users in maximising the efficiency of their investment providing a safer environment as well as significant cost savings.

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