Crisis Management Audit

RCAS is the only crisis management consultancy that has a simple tool (Crisis Management Maturity Index - CMMI) to measure the efficacy of your current crisis management program.

The CMMI is a comprehensive bench-marking program to measure your organisation's current state of crisis management preparedness in the face of contemporary threats.

The index provides a holistic and quantifiable measure of the full crisis lifecycle: prediction, management, recovery and post incident growth. The indexing process provides an organisation with an accurate and independent perspective on the health of their crisis management program. The ultimate goal of the index is to provide a measure of the organisation’s resilience for the purpose of continuous improvement.

The Crisis Management Maturity Index was purposely designed to be a rapid assessment of the crisis management policies, procedures and comfort levels of supporting personnel. It is an online survey comprised of short questions with weighted values that can be completed in the time it takes you to finish a coffee!

The survey is applied across the C suite, mid-level management and front-line crisis management practitioners in order to capture a holistic enterprise-wide view. It is also possible to capture regional viewpoints for geographically dispersed organisations. All responses are confidential and there is no requirement for attribution to develop meaningful results.

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