Our Global Reach

RCAS network expands in more than 47 countries

Our Leadership

Rob Currie, B.Sc.

Owner and Founder

Rob is the owner & founder of RCAS. He designs and delivers corporate security & crisis management programs across a variety of industries. This includes benchmarking, analysis and enhancement of processes to strengthen the resilience of our clients. Rob has amassed over three decades of private and public sector crisis management expertise in a variety highly complex and volatile scenarios. Rob is a retired Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officer with over 27 years of experience in law enforcement with the RCMP in a variety of roles (drug enforcement, technological crime, national security & tactical unit command). During his law enforcement career, he had the privilege of serving with the Canadian Special Forces Command from 2006-2010, managing responses to domestic counter terrorism events as well as support for the war in Afghanistan.

James Strickland, B.Sc., M.Sc.(Management)

Senior Advisor

James is a Senior Advisor with RCAS. He provides expert thought leadership to both corporate security and crisis management. James’ formal management education also provides operational solutions for our clientele that are anchored by sound business practices. James brings decades of vast operational experience and leadership in Canadian Special Operations, policing and corporate security. His last professional engagement saw him recruited to build from scratch a Global Security Department for a multi-national multi-billion dollar corporation in a very fluid industry. James also incorporates his experience as a leadership coach into crisis management as well as stand alone coaching.

Our Experts

The global team of experts at RCAS is maintained with one objective in mind: providing the best possible service for our clients. Multinational and multi-disciplined, our people are drawn from backgrounds including professional services, law, cyber security, technology services, academia, law enforcement, intelligence services and the military. The team passionately believes that its ability to collaborate among diverse skillsets and experience creates the best outcomes for our clients.

Countries we serve:

Canada United States Mexico Peru Colombia Chile Costa Rica Panama Brazil El Salvador Belize Jamaica Trinidad and Tobago Dominica Puerto Rico Dominican Republic Egypt India Uruguay Israel Turkey Thailand The Bahamas Morocco Tunisia Kenya Somalia Spain Italy France Netherlands United Kingdom Germany Denmark Hungary Austria Norway Greece Cyprus Lebanon Afghanistan Viet Nam Portugal Japan Malaysia Indonesia Australia

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