Leadership Development and Performance Optimisation

Consulting and Mentoring

In addition to our traditional coaching services, we have several individual and team leadership development offerings. These take the form of leadership development sessions normally conducted from one to five days, virtually or preferably in person. We can also develop a bespoke development program independently or in conjunction with the clients training and learning development department. We have successfully developed year long programs for middle/upper level leaders and executives.

Our areas of specialisation include:

  • Through a series of directed activities, the leaders will explore their own leadership styles and be exposed to various opportunities to stretch their thinking

  • They will identify what is holding them back from elevating from tactical (transactional) leadership towards strategic (transformational) leadership
  • This is aimed primarily at established teams aligned either vertically or horizontally across the organisation
  • This is often used to help a struggling team and/or an inexperienced leader organise team-specific “ways of working” to better function together
  • This is also useful in consolidating a team before or during a period of change or uncertainty       
  • Leaders will learn how to balance respectful authority and effective team support and challenge

  • How to differentiate crisis leadership from leadership while slightly off plan

  • Helping leaders mature their leadership style to embrace their own judgment and instincts within corporate authorities      

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