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The primary purpose of RCAS is to enable forward thinking organisations with world class responses for an incident agnostic crisis management program.

RCAS provides battle-tested experience to its clients. We have an extensive international network of experts to support the advisory.   Our goal is to provide organisations with a simple, reliable, and repeatable crisis management framework to ensure resilience during crisis.

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A crisis is any event that takes your organisation out of its normal operational posture.  It has the potential to negatively impact your personnel, physical assets, market positioning, and reputation.  Crises are inevitable and often difficult to predict yet they need not have devastating impacts on an organisation. You can completely control your response with an agile crisis management program.  Organisations with rigorous and adaptable crisis management programs often become more resilient post crisis by employing the lessons learned.   

Let us help you increase your resilience!

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The CMMI is a comprehensive bench-marking program to measure your organisation’s current state of crisis management preparedness in the face of contemporary threats… Read More

In order for a crisis management plan to properly function, it must be governed by a clear set of policies and procedures. Without clearly defined policies and procedures a plan cannot exist let alone be executed. Keeping consistent with our “bespoke approach,” we collaborate with our clients to understand their corporate structure, organisational objectives as well as operational and procedural gaps… Read More

Risk assessment at its core should include the evaluation, measurement and prioritisation of likely relevant events or risks that may materially hinder or prevent your organisation from achieving its goals or purpose.  It is imperative that an organisation identify what risks might impact them or their industry in order to develop ensuing mitigation strategies… Read More

Our program consulting is scalable to meet the needs of organisations of all sizes and complexities. Our “bespoke approach” allows us to assist organisations in developing, assessing, or enhancing their crisis management programs depending on where they reside on the crisis management maturity lifecycle… Read More 

We possess industry leading tools which address all three facets of crisis management preparedness including a collection of increasingly complex thematic scenarios. Scenarios are tailored for industry and/or client context to ensure a realistic and impactful training experience… Read More

Attracting and retaining top corporate security talent is difficult for medium sized and start-up organisations. Even for large organisations, the recruiting process for permanent corporate security leadership can often take  6-12 months. V-CSO services can provide part-time or interim corporate security governance support in any situation… Read More

Our Leadership

Rob Currie
Owner and Founder

Rob is the owner and founder of RC Advisory Services. He designs and delivers corporate security & crisis management programs across a variety of industries in the private sector.  This includes benchmarking, analysis and refinement of processes to strengthen the resilience of the target organisations. 

Kleomenis Filiadris
Principal Consultant

Kleomenis is a Principal Consultant with RC Advisory Services. He leads the firm’s corporate strategic planning as well as oversight of the firm’s daily operations. Kleomenis is also responsible for identifying business development opportunities and relationships in the areas of business resilience, risk mitigation and crisis management.


News and Latest Blogs

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Executive Protection in High-Risk Environments

I was recently contacted by EP Wired to discuss executive protection in high-risk environments. EP Wired is an online magazine with a mission to bring together protectors, principals, EP program managers and future practitioners.

It was an absolute pleasure to speak with the EP Wired team and support their mission by sharing information and experiences from past EP operations. I have been very fortunate to work and learn from some incredible EP operators across a variety of high-risk and semi-permissive environments.

Enjoy, engage an EP professional to support your operations, and be safe!


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Defining A Crisis So It Doesn’t Define You

In my capacity as Vice Chair for the ASIS Crisis Management and Business Continuity Community, I recently wrote the above noted article providing some baseline guidance for crisis managers. One of the many benefits of being an ASIS member is immediate access to such featured content. For those of you who are not yet ASIS members, I have provided a PDF copy below and the following synopsis.

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