Our Team

Rob Currie

Owner and Founder

Rob is the owner & founder of RC Advisory Services. He designs and delivers corporate security & crisis management programs across a variety of industries. This includes benchmarking, analysis and enhancement of processes to strengthen the resilience of our clients. Rob has amassed over three decades of private and public sector crisis management expertise in a variety highly complex and volatile scenarios.

Rob is a retired Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officer with over 27 years of experience in law enforcement with the RCMP in a variety of roles (drug enforcement, technological crime, national security & tactical unit command).  During his law enforcement career, he had the privilege of serving with the Canadian Special Forces Command from 2006-2010, managing responses to domestic counter terrorism events as well as support for the war in Afghanistan.

Kleomenis is a Principal Consultant with RC Advisory Services. He leads the firm’s corporate strategic planning as well as oversight of the firm’s daily operations. Kleomenis is also responsible for identifying business development opportunities and relationships in the areas of business resilience, risk mitigation and crisis management.

In a career spanning over 15 years in Financial Services and Consulting, Kleomenis has amassed valuable experience in the areas of Corporate Strategy Development, Operations, Corporate Security, Risk, Communications and Marketing. He has achieved notable successes advising C-Suite executives in leading and executing large scale transformation initiatives in both Canada and Europe.

Kleomenis Filiadris

Principal Consultant