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ASIS Crisis Management & Business Continuity Community’s Mar 2023 podcast


One of the greatest benefits of being part of ASIS is the amazing learning opportunities. As Chair of the ASIS Crisis Management and Business Continuity...

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What intelligence are you relying on to support your security operations?


Security planning in operations must be an intelligence lead activity. Finding high quality reporting that you can trust is not always easy. Some organisations try...

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Leaders vs Crisis – a webinar with our friends at NSSG!


2023 will be marked by the increase need to understand how to balance risks and opportunities. Hence, NSSG's Talks first edition tackled one such important...

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ASIS Crisis Management & Business Continuity Community’s Jan 2023 podcast


As previously posted, this January, I have taken on the role of Chair of the ASIS Crisis Management and Business Continuity (CMBC) Community Steering Committee....

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Planning Ahead for Crisis Preparedness


There is a running joke in my household that next year will be the "easy" year as there always seems to be so many things...

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Executive Protection Companies in 2023: Choosing the Best


I was recently contacted by EP Wired to comment on what qualities we should expect in the best executive protection companies. EP Wired is an...

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ASIS Argentina – High Risk Excutive Protection planning workshop


I am current Vice Chair and 2023 incoming Chair for the ASIS Crisis Management and Business Continuity Community. One of the many pleasures in the...

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Crisis management article with BUILDINGS magazine!


In my capacity as the ASIS Crisis Management & Business Continuity Vice Chair, I am pleased to share my recent interview with BUILDINGS Magazine. Janelle...

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James Strickland joins RCAS as Senior Advisor


In my capacity as owner and founder, I am very proud to announce the addition of James Strickland to RC Advisory Services as Senior Advisor.

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