As previously posted, this January, I have taken on the role of Chair of the ASIS Crisis Management and Business Continuity (CMBC) Community Steering Committee. We are ASIS’ second largest Community and have committed to continuing to produce high quality and relevant content. Our CMBC Content Committee is kicking off a year-long series of informative, timely and vital podcasts to keep you on top of your game. Every two months a new podcast will be released showcasing various security professionals on topics we all need to know.  

In the one-hour January podcast, Content Committee Chair Andrew Peden discussed:

  • Crisis preparation with CMBC Community Chair Robert R Currie (timestamp 2:25)
  • Speaks with David J Brooks about the ASIS Foundation (19:46)
  • Hears from Ernest DelBuono regarding crisis communication (31:53)
  • And talks with incoming ASIS President Timothy M McCreight about ESRM (38:20)

Important Links:

Watch for the March podcast, where Andrew will be speaking with our special guests on Decentralized Decision-Making.

I hope you enjoy the podcast!

Be safe!

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