2023 will be marked by the increase need to understand how to balance risks and opportunities. Hence, NSSG‘s Talks first edition tackled one such important topic while trying to understand how do leaders face crises?

On January 25th the Leaders vs Crises webinar James and I discussed crisis management with our trusted colleague Alessandro Martello MSyl the CEO of North Star Support Group (NSSG), a Romania-based risk management firm with offices in Egypt, Ukraine and US.

With 20+ years of experience in the security industry, Alessandro developed risk management systems in support of large-scale projects and organisations operating globally. As for his crisis management experience, he would like to recall the Ukraine unfolding events (starting with December 2021 throughout 2022), the 2016 Turkish political and social crisis, the 2014 Suez Channel’s Enlargement Project (covering large areas within the Sinai Peninsula) and, last but not least, holding various crisis management roles during what we know as the “Arab Spring” moment back in 2011.

What were lessons learned?  Check out the webinar!


I hope you enjoy the webinar!

Be safe!

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