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An exciting day for RCAS!!!!

I recently posted about our leadership offering BRIGHT FUTURE and more specifically,  exciting new additions to team RCAS. James and I constantly preach that your crisis or executive management team needs to diverse in thought & action if you want to have any chance of successfully navigating today’s perma-crisis business environment. 
James and I are very proud and excited to announce that Samantha Woolven and Kate Forrest have joined RCAS. To say they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in leadership and human performance would be a gross understatement. They have successfully transformed senior leaders and teams across the following industries: architecture, botanical gardens + science, automotive manufacturing, charities/NGO, construction, defence, energy, engineering, food & beverage, heavy metal refining, mining, mining rehabilitation, cultural institutions, nuclear, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, private equity, health care, rail transport, supermarkets and retail.  Might have been easier to list what industries they haven’t supported (yet πŸ˜‰).
We have had the pleasure of collaborating with these exceptional ladies over the last few years, learning a ton in the process about delivering curated professional leadership experiences. I wish I could share a “fly on the wall” video with you of our BRIGHT FUTURE program planning sessions. What I can say is they are exciting, vibrant and full of ideas on how to develop unique leadership experiences for our clients. 
Very shortly, James, who spearheads our leadership practice, will be releasing more details about our BRIGHT FUTURE offering. If you have any questions or comments, please reach out directly to James at [email protected].

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