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Executive Protection Companies in 2023: Choosing the Best

I was recently contacted by EP Wired to comment on what qualities we should expect in the best executive protection companies. EP Wired is an online magazine with a mission to bring together protectors, principals, EP program managers and future practitioners.

The best executive protection companies in 2023 are obviously supported by discrete and well-trained operators. These are obvious table stakes. However, they should also be transparent about who they use as EP operators, explain in detail their ongoing training, and be open to feedback.

The most significant indicator of an excellent EP company is its unwavering operational standards. Too often, companies are pressured by demanding clients to do more with less and will “bend,” thereby:

overtasking their operators and ultimately
risking the security of the principal.

The best companies will explain the necessity of adequate resources and maintain their baseline standards.

Always a pleasure to speak with the EP Wired team and support their mission by sharing information and experiences from past EP operations. 

Enjoy, engage an EP professional to support your operations, and be safe!


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