Executive Protection in High-Risk Environments

I was recently contacted by EP Wired to discuss executive protection in high-risk environments. EP Wired is an online magazine with a mission to bring together protectors, principals, EP program managers and future practitioners.

It was an absolute pleasure to speak with the EP Wired team and support their mission by sharing information and experiences from past EP operations. I have been very fortunate to work and learn from some incredible EP operators across a variety of high-risk and semi-permissive environments.

Enjoy, engage an EP professional to support your operations, and be safe!


Defining A Crisis So It Doesn’t Define You

In my capacity as Vice Chair for the ASIS Crisis Management and Business Continuity Community, I recently wrote the above noted article providing some baseline guidance for crisis managers. One of the many benefits of being an ASIS member is immediate access to such featured content. For those of you who are not yet ASIS members, I have provided a PDF copy below and the following synopsis.

Travel security assistance providers – how to choose?

Over recent months, corporate executives and their decision-making has pivoted from the Covid-19 pandemic to focusing on business resumption/recovery, including global travel. Working overseas is often a key element in a thriving business, but it comes with its challenges.  Travelers can become sick or injured, local events can disrupt movement and some environments are inherently …

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Violence in the workplace – are you ready?

I recently moderated an ASIS Chief Security Officer Huddle where the topic was “mass casualty” events. This was after the tragic shootings in both Atlanta, Georgia, and Boulder, Colorado. When preparing for the online event, there were 7 multiple casualty shootings in the 7 days between the two events! Although our collective attention is still …

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