I am current Vice Chair and 2023 incoming Chair for the ASIS Crisis Management and Business Continuity Community. One of the many pleasures in the role, is all the wonderful people I get to meet from around the world. Lucas de la Rosa, the ASIS Argentina Chapter President, and I were speaking about planning Executive Protection (EP) operations in high risk environments, and how it would be great to run a workshop together in Buenos Aires.

After many discussions and exceptional planning by Lucas, we were able to host a session on the 26th of September where many ASIS Argentina Chapter members were in attendance. We covered a variety of topics including intelligence preparation, trip profile, communications, methods transport, medical concerns and after action procedures. The workshop finished with 4 teams having only 30 minutes to prepare an operational brief for a realistic high risk scenario. All teams did exceptionally well with most having never worked EP before.  I was very impressed!

I can’t say enough about our host venue, YPF, our interpreters and Lucas’ wonderful hospitality. I must warn any reader considering visiting Buenos Aires to be prepared to drink amazing red wine and eat some of best grilled meat I have ever had. The latter statement is huge coming from a Canadian 🙂

¡A todos mis nuevos amigos de Argentina, muchas gracias una otra vez para su hospitalidad!

¡Hasta la proxima!

/rob currie

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